Shannon and Tom didn’t have an engagement session 6 years ago when they got married. So when I asked for volunteers this spring to do a couples/hiking session with me, they jumped. And I skipped with joy; these two are not only gorgeous people, but they have a gorgeous relationship as well.

      I’ve never met a couple with such a deep, resonating love for each other. After almost a decade of friendship, I’ve had the distinct pleasure of watching them grow together and relax into the entity they are now: best friends, soulmates, partners, lovers. They’ve weathered difficult storms, sailed delightful seas, and through it all, have come out shining.

      It’s an honor and pleasure to be friends with two such beautiful hearts.

      I hope you enjoy browsing through their photos from this very special session. If you’d like to book an anniversary or couples session with your spouse or love, please CLICK HERE to send me a message and we will chat about what you have in mind!


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