Newborn and Child Sessions

      The squishiness. The snuggles. The sighs.

      The first week home with your little one is an amazing time for your family. It can feel like all the days bleed together, with the lack of sleep and exhaustion setting in, but oh…. there is so much LOVE. I’ve heard so many times, “I just can’t stop LOOKING at her/him” – and I felt the same way with mine. There’s no explanation, really. There is just something so magical about honoring the life you created.

      And for milestones – their 1st, 2nd, 5th, or 12th birthdays – it’s just as amazing to sit back and look at your little creation growing into their own personality.

      Kids, at any age, are one of my favorite subjects to photograph because they’re so genuine. They just are who they are, whether that’s shy and quiet or everyone’s best friend; sweet or sassy.


      Newborn and Child Sessions are $200 and include a mounted 8×10 Fine Art Print, all ready to be framed and admired in your home.

      Sessions include a phone or video consultation to discuss session details, up to 90 minutes of photography at your home or another location, and an image reveal and ordering session to choose your favorite images! There is no obligation and no minimum print requirement – you only order what you love!

      Prints, Albums, Wall Art and Digitals can be hand-picked from the Product Menu, or you can choose a Collection. Products start at $50, and Collections start at $499.

      I offer a “Watch Me Grow” program, with 3 different Collections to choose from, if you are interested in bundling sessions together to save some serious moolah!

      The options range from 3 sessions (newborn, 6 month, and 1st birthday) to more complete options including a Maternity session. Want to know more? Send me an email below and I’ll be happy to send you my Collections list! When you choose a Watch Me Grow Collection, the session fee is included.

      Childhood is a magical time that goes by so incredibly fast. As a mom to a bunch of teenagers, I can tell you from experience that you WILL MISS THIS. You’ll miss the chubby little hands that always leave banana smudges on your clothes. You’ll miss their tiny voices, their tiny toes. You’ll miss their giggles and their innocence, and yes, even their little tears, when they just want to curl up with you and be held. You’ll miss being able to hold them in your arms, probably most of all.


      I’d love to capture some of this magical time for you. Send me a message and we’ll talk about your favorite bits of your child’s personality that you want to save forever.

      Let's chat!