These are a collection of my favorite botanical images up to this point.

      Some of these you can find in my book, One Year: A Lyrical and Visual Journey (here, on this site or here, on Amazon, or here, on Barnes&Noble), but others are just included because they truly are some of my favorite photos.

      I love nature, especially botany and biology. I’m also keen on astrophysics, space science, and the thought that there might be life out in the big universe besides us. But especially botany and biology. Once upon a time my dream was to become a biologist, but for now, I placate my missed calling with hiking, gardening, and adopting houseplants.

      There are few things I love more than being outside surrounded by plants and trees. So maybe it would seem a natural extension of that love that I would also love photographing them, as well. The diversity of the plant world is staggeringly immense; I can photograph in the same geological area for years and never catch the same scape twice if I don’t want to. There is so very much to see, on both the micro- and macroscopic scales. From mountaintops to snowflakes, similar patterns and textures exist, which is fascinating to find in so many varied, unexpected places.

      Sometimes I create these images very intentionally; I go out with a clear kind of photograph I want to make; other times, I just wander and wait to be called to emotionally. It sounds pretty woo woo, but that’s just how it happens. I guess you could say it just catches my attention, if you’re uncomfortable with the woo.

      If you like these, you can check out my Instagram – my entire Instafeed is dedicated to just botanical images right now. Check it out before I change it! Click here: Sam’s Instagram

      spring pink dogwoods blue sky samantha sherwood photography botanical images

      red berries tree branch holiday dark photo samantha sherwood photography botanical images

      spring pink magnolia in bloom with buds around it samantha sherwood photography botanical images

      botanical images raindrops green grass summer storm


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