Life is about moments. It’s about your story.

      One moment your son is a sweet, sleepy newborn with impossibly tiny feet and little hands that always curl their fingers around your thumb; the next blink, he’s a loud, wild thing of a boy, forever traipsing around in Batman underwear and rain boots; you blink again, and he’s 7 inches taller than you, fielding university recruitment letters in mail addressed to him.

      Or your daughter, from the minute she was laid against you a split second after you birthed her, she loved to be close to you and was always at your hip… and here you are, handing her off at her wedding.

      Think of everything that transpired between that moment and now – the tantrums, their toddler-voice belly laugh, the carefree nature that turned to self-consciousness when they hit pre-teen years, the hundreds of soccer practices and weekends filled with games, scraped knees, the moment that your baby-turned-teen looked down at you and kissed your forehead…

      Life is all about the moments that propel you forward, day in, day out. Every smile, every lost tooth, every tear, they are all precious. Layer upon layer, moment upon moment, they build your story, and your life story becomes your children’s identity – the anchor that will carry them through the rough times, the light that will shine from them during the best times.

      If I had to describe to anyone what I do, it is that: I capture little parts of your life story, preserve it, and celebrate it, so you can give it to your loved ones and your children, and they can give it to their children.

      So what story do you want to tell? What moments do you want to immortalize?

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